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Expert Reflexology treatment in Wirral - releases your inner energy with the fingertips to relieve pain, reduce stress and promote healing.

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Reflexology helps improve circulation, which in turn means better nutrition for the cells and more efficient removal of waste from the body. It can also enhance the production of endorphins (the feel good hormone!) – all of which help to make you feel energised.


The floating and euphoric sense of well-being that comes during the session is the most frequent response. All recipients of reflexology do reach this state. The greatest compliment is for a person to fall asleep during the treatment so don't worry if you fall asleep and begin to snore and drool, its a sign I've done a good job!


Reflexology is massage of the feet that aims to promote healing in other areas of the body so has many healthy benefits including: stress circulation problems, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, reproductive problems, sleep problems, lack of energy, emotional problems to name but a few.


If anything after your treatment you will feel completely relaxed! So just sit back, take a deep breath and I will bring you a relaxing hot tea to hydrate you.


Doctors accept that 75% of all disease is caused by stress and one of the greatest benefits of Reflexology is relaxation – so it’s a safe and natural way to help our bodies feel well.


Reflexology may help regulate sleep patterns and relieve insomnia due to its ability to reduce stress and encourage the production of sleep-related hormones in the brain. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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Lisa Dunlop - Certified Reflexologist

Lisa Dunlop

Certified Reflexologist

Both women and men benefit from a deep state of relaxation during a reflexology session.

Treatments last approximately one hour, initial treatments are usually a bit longer as a medical history is taken.

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One hour treatment - £35 .00

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Book 5 sessions and receive one free.

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RENU Wellness Centre

Reflexology Wirral can come to you or we are based at RENU, Unit 2B Trinity Street, Wirral, CH41 4EZ.

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